Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC has a well documented record of relieving business owners from mounds of employee administrative paperwork while ultimately decreasing operating costs. Your part is easy - why delay!
  • Give us a call. We will then set up an appointment with one of our Account Executives and gather some basic information concerning your business operation. This gives us the opportunity to determine which of our programs will be most useful to you. We will also explain the benefits your organization can expect from Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC's services.

  • Once you have chosen which program is right for your business, Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC will then prepare a package for each employee that includes the required government forms and an employee handbook (if you choose to use ours).

  • At the end of your pay period, simply fax or email a time sheet to us. We will "pre-process" your payroll and fax you a report for approval. We do the rest!

  • Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC will deliver your payroll on the date requested, along with an invoice, cost accounting reports, and payroll journals.
What Are The Advantages?

In today's rapidly changing business climate, "working smart" isn't just a good idea, it can be a matter of survival. Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC provides the benefits you need to get a jump on your competitors.

Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC Saves You Time and Money!
  • Eliminates penalties and fines for failing to file required government reports and deposits of payroll taxes and withholdings on time.

  • Affords you an opportunity to offer your employees a pre-tax benefit plan that includes health, life, disability, dental and vision insurance. We can also provide retirement programs for employees and business owners, as well as flex spending accounts and direct deposit. This gives you the advantage of being able to offer your employees all the benefits they could choose from if they worked for a much larger organization. Ultimately, these plans ensure your company will attract and retain a quality staff.

  • Provides more time for you to spend on business development, generating income and customer satisfaction.

  • Vastly reduces paperwork. With Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC, you can provide a single time sheet, and our fees are paid via direct debit.

Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC Provides Security and Peace of Mind

  • Eliminates your concern with payroll oriented government regulations.

  • Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC becomes liable for reporting and depositing all state and federal payroll taxes, including unemployment.

  • Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC is licensed and insured to meet all state and federal requirements.

  • Maryland Employer Services & Support, LLC's progressive technology allows us to custom-design a program to meet your specific needs (i.e. job costing by employee, division, location, etc.)